Volunteer Spotlight – Amy Morrison

YoKid continues to highlight our awesome and inspiring volunteers.  This week we chatted with Amy Morrison.

Another awesome volunteer - Amy Morrison!

Another awesome volunteer – Amy Morrison!

What made you want to teach children?  I just love kids! I am a mom of two and also substitute teach at my children’s preschool also. It is wonderful to introduce little people to new concepts and ideas. They are often so much more open to trying new things than many adults are.
What do you love most about teaching with YoKid?  I think it is wonderful to be able to introduce children to yoga at an age when I don’t think I, or most of my peers had ever heard of, let alone done yoga. I hope it sparks a love for yoga that they can carry with them into the future.

How has working with children made a positive impact on you as a yoga teacher and person?  As a teacher, it has taught me to plan a quick-moving, interesting class, since children tend to lose interest more quickly than adults. I have also learned some great behavior management tools that I have used with my own children, such as stating the rules from the get-go so that they are immediately aware of what is expected of them.