Connecting Throughout this Holiday Season – A 2-Minute Guide

This morning I taught a yoga class themed around CONNECTING – the connection between you and your mat, the connection between you and your breath, you and your heart, and you and the others around you. Pause for a moment to feel your feet on the floor. Are you at your desk? Feel the texture […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Amy Morrison

YoKid continues to highlight our awesome and inspiring volunteers.  This week we chatted with Amy Morrison. What made you want to teach children?  I just love kids! I am a mom of two and also substitute teach at my children’s preschool also. It is wonderful to introduce little people to new concepts and ideas. They […]

YoKid teams up with the City of Alexandria

YoKid is working with the City of Alexandria to bring the benefits of yoga and mindulness to ALL kids & teens    “The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, […]

Kids Yoga Around the World – Focus on Africa Yoga Project

I wanted to share with you an awesome story about kids practicing yoga around the world.  In September, CNN released a three-part special about the Africa Yoga Project. If you’re not already familiar with AYP, they teach yoga in Kenya and train teachers there to teach others.  In particular, I thought the video about “relaxing […]

Volunteer w/YoKid

Event & Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer Position General Summary: The event & volunteer coordinator will plan and organize monthly donation classes held in support of YoKid’s mission.  The coordinator will also assist with the planning of YoKid’s bi annual program events. Volunteer responsibilities include: Assist with planning events, assist with organizing events, and recruiting volunteers as […]