Volunteer Spotlight – Amy Morrison

YoKid continues to highlight our awesome and inspiring volunteers.  This week we chatted with Amy Morrison. What made you want to teach children?  I just love kids! I am a mom of two and also substitute teach at my children’s preschool also. It is wonderful to introduce little people to new concepts and ideas. They […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Sophia Brock

YoKid wants to thank another excellent volunteer – Sophia Brock.  Without our volunteers, our organization wouldn’t be the vibrant and flourishing non-profit that it is.  We deeply appreciate our volunteers and the good work that they do in bringing yoga to kids throughout our area.  If you are interested in volunteering with YoKid, please see […]

Yoga Intern to Yoga Teacher: Thank you YoKid!

One day last year, around this time, I woke up one morning with my gut telling me that I wanted to teach yoga to children. That same day I found YoKid on an internet search, a few days later I was meeting with YoKid founder Michelle Mitchell to discuss an internship, and a month later […]

Yoga Intern | Can Yoga Be Owned?

I recently read an article in the New York Times… Bikram yoga is an amazing way to detox, relax, challenge, and strengthen your body in ways you never have before. It is a twenty-six posture series performed in a hot room (about 100-105 degrees) and is designed to work every aspect of your body both […]