Set Up A Family Yoga Room In YOUR Home In 5 Easy Steps

Have you been planning for awhile to set aside some space for your family to practice yoga in your home?  We have… And we finally did it!  Whether you are living in a tiny townhouse with only a corner to dedicate, or you have a full room to dedicate, here are FIVE easy steps to get you […]

Presenter Spotlight: Cheryl Crawford

Cheryl Crawford Co-Founder Grounded Kids Cheryl Crawford, ERYT- 500, RCYT, B.S.Ed.,Yoga Teacher,  is a co-founder of Grounded which develops curriculum and trainings for kids yoga teachers, and is founder of the non-profit yoga service initiative Atlanta Yoga Movement which focuses on integrating yoga into schools throughout the metro Atlanta area. Read our interview with Cheryl and join us […]

Can You Hold A 4 Minute Plank? Come Show Us In 2 Weeks!

By now, we’re sure you’ve either heard of or attended our much loved Planks & Pints event. An evening of yoga and brew, doesn’t it sound like the perfect way to end your week?   If you’re not convinced, see some of our Facebook pics and posts! Planks & Pints is a great opportunity for […]

A holiday guided visualization: A Visit to Santa’s House

I often use guided visualization in the end of my YoKid kids yoga classes. Some of my favorites are the rainbow painting visualization and the special place visualization, so here I’ve taken the latter and given it a little holiday infusion.  It has been a hit, several of my students yesterday told me that they […]

Kids Yoga Around the World – Focus on Africa Yoga Project

I wanted to share with you an awesome story about kids practicing yoga around the world.  In September, CNN released a three-part special about the Africa Yoga Project. If you’re not already familiar with AYP, they teach yoga in Kenya and train teachers there to teach others.  In particular, I thought the video about “relaxing […]

Cosmic Kids YouTube Yoga Stories for inspiration

In our YoKid classes we often use stories for teaching yoga asana and creative play. Sometimes our teachers use books, and sometimes they tell stories and take the students through the movements. If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, or a parent looking to bring some yogic movement into your household, here’s a great resource. […]

More YoKid Teacher Resources!

I recently found another organization, Go Grounded, with a similar mission to YoKid – to bring yoga to all kids.  We believe that anyone who is teaching yoga authentically and who is “dedicated to teaching our kids and teens how to find the wisdom within” is doing good.  So I wanted to highlight some of […]

YoKid Yoga To Go Finale – Gather round for one last hurrah!

It’s our last week of summer vacation here in the DC area and wherever you are, chances are you’ll either be hosting or attending an end of summer hurrah. We’ve got some fun ideas for how you can bring a little YoKid fun to your party. Gather around! Have everyone gather around in a large […]

Yoga, Size, & Self-Loving

I just read a really interesting article by Sacha DeVoretz (@SDeVoretz) on the Huffington Post called Am I Too Big For Yoga? Ms. DeVoretz asks some thought-provoking questions in the article – like why do yoga magazines and yoga clothing manufacturers feature tiny, wispy little yogis when in reality so many of us have curves […]

Yoga To Go: The Long Car Ride!

Beach bucket? Check. Suit and towel? Check. Snacks? Water bottle? Check and check. Nearest beach? Hours away.  This week I packed my family into the car for an impromptu drive to the New England coast for some sun, sand, and seafood. So how can a yoga teacher mom incorporate yoga into seven hours in the […]